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Playa de Malvarossa - City Beach in Valencia, Spain

Playa de Malvarossa is the main beach of Valencia. This is where the crowds flock on the weekends.

Malvarossa is what the locals usually mean by "going to the beach". It is a full-flung city beach in all respects.

The water is decent and the fine sand is great. During the summer weekends the whole Valencia comes down on this beach. It is a noisy, busy atmosphere with people doing just about everything that can be done on the beach - sunbathing, playing games, socialising, eating, drinking, reading etc.

This is not the place for some desolate loneliness, but if a lively beach is your thing, this is a great place.

There are restaurants at intervals all along the beach.

The epicentre is the main entrance to the Malvarossa beach - a pedestrian square opposite the northern tram stop. This is where most people will arrive and this is where the beach will be the busiest. There is also a lot of summer activity on the square itself.

This part of Malvarossa also comes deliciously alive in the summer nights. It hosts a potent cluster of nightlife which happily spills out onto a beach botellon (a piss-up with booze bought in a shop) until 4am. Although you are not advised to go too far into the beach and from the crowds at night.

Getting to Malvarossa beach:
Walk: 1 km from the Port
Bus: 1, 2, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 32
Metro / Tram: Eugenia Vines (blue line East)


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