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Carnivals in Las Fallas


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Apart from the Offer of the Flowers, which is an enormous two-day long folk street party, Las Fallas have 4 more spectacular carnivals for you:

Cavalgada del Fuego

Day: 19th March
On the last day of the Festival, just before the burning of the Fallas-Sculptures, the Festival of Fire will be ultimately celebrated with the Procession of Fire. One of the most spectacular events of the entire March, don’t miss it. Apart from the usual noise, colours and music, the Valencians will show all the crazy things they can do with fire.
Time: 7pm - 9pm Place: Calle Colon (Multimap Map)

Cavalgada Folklorica

Day: 16th March
This is a folk carnival that will let you into the world of Valencian rural tradition. Horse carts, dance bands, music, far from boring, this carnival makes folk fascinating. Besides, the Carnival has recently become international – it includes representative bands from other cultures, such as Brazil, China and Ukraine. Presided by Fallera Mayor, Fallera Mayor Infantil, Junta Fallera, and concluded with a bunch of crazy hippies.
Time: 10 pm - 0am Place: Plaza de Ayuntamento

Las Fallas fiesta in Valencia photos / images  - See our image galleries of Fallas-Sculptures 2006

Cavalgada de Ninots

Day: Saturday before the week of the Fallas; 2008: 8th Mar
Taking place the weekend before the start of the Festival, this is a taster of what is to come. They call it “live Ninots” – the participants are all about satire on celebrities and everything else, much like the Fallas-Sculptures. Lots of dressing up and humour. But of course, since the Spanish can’t be that serious, - it is once again more about noise, music and colours.
Time: 10.30pm - 0am Place: Plaza de Ayuntamento

Cavalgada de Ninots Infantiles

Day: Two Sundays before the week of the Fallas; 2008: 2 Mar
This is much like Cavalgada del Ninots but by children. Naturally, it is much softer in its content and more popular with families. Kids have a great time here.
Time: 5.30pm - 7pm Place: Calle La Paz, Pz de la Reina, Pz de Ayuntamento


If you want to see some colours apart from those carnivals, get yourself to Plaza de Ayuntamento on 16th at 4.30pm where the Fallera Mayor Infantil will be awarding prizes to Fallaz Infantiles. There will be lots of parading fallas-communities in full dress and with music bands. Not just in the Plaza, but in the streets all around it, like streams joining the river.

Las Fallas fiesta in Valencia photos / images  - Carnivals / Cabalgadas / Processions / Events

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