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Fallera Mayor

Las Fallas fiesta in Valencia photos / images - Fallera MayorLas Fallas fiesta in Valencia photos / images - Fallera Mayor

Fallera Mayor is the Queen of the Falla for a year. Each falla-community has one, but overall one is chosen to be the Fallera Mayor of the entire Valencia. She is the face of the festival, the representative of the Fallas and she will make many ritual visits to Valencian organisaions, as well as presiding on all major events.

There is also Fallera Mayor Infanil - the Queen for children.

The title of Fallera Mayor is an extremely prestigious thing in Valencia and the competition is fierce. It costs a lot of money too - just the dress will run into many thousands of euros.

You are not likely to meet the Fallera Mayor of the festival (although you will see her from afar presiding over carnivals, events, ceremonies, etc), but you will see many Fallera Mayores of their fallas, heading the parade of the falla in their neighbourhoods. While all of the falleras usually wear the typical Valencian dress, Fallera Mayor can be distinguished by the wide band across her torso, in the colours of the Valencian flag.


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