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Important Note on Locations and Times of the Events
(Semana Santa Marinera, Valencia)


To avoid cluttering this website, we won't give the full route of every small procession, only the major ones. If you know the district well, you will find the full routes in the official literature. Here, we will give you one well-known landmark where you can catch the procession, and an approximate time when it will pass there. You can orientate yourself from there - just see where people are gathering.

Also, just walking around the district you will see many signs of the streets which will tell you on which dates and at which times the processions will pass.

For the maps of the landmarks we give see the Hotspots page.


Get there early - people do like watching (so best spots go fast) and the processions are very punctual.

Length of procession is from first group leaving the start to the last group arriving to the finish. So, if a procession starts at 11am and lasts for 2 hours, you can expect to start watching at the finish at 12.30 or so - when the first group arrives.

All durations are approximate, so don't arrive 2 minutes before the supposed end of the event.


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