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Bagoas - Cocktail Bar in Canovas,Valencia, Spain

Nightlife, bars, clubs, pubs and discos in Canovas, Valencia
by Xavi Calvo

Size: small

Music: pop, from 80s onwards

Crowd: 20s-30s, easy-going,
Dress: people here tend to dress fashionably

Sociability: very sociable

Nightlife, bars, night-clubs, pubs and discos in Canovas, Valencia, Spain

location of this pub, bar or club in Valencia Paginas Amarillas
20 Conde Altea

prices of this pub, bar or club in Valencia 2€ bottle beer
6€ cocktail

opening times of this pub, bar or club in Valencia
Mon-Fri: 8pm - 2am
Sab: 11pm - 2am
Sun: 7pm - 2am

Canovas Map

Bagoas is a masterpiece of a bar ambience. A stylish, modern interior with designer lighting, cosy arrangement and comfy seating, you would expect this bar to be an exaggerated hangout of people-to-be-seen. Yet, while the crowd is good-looking, the atmosphere is entirely unpretentious, friendly, welcoming and vibrant. It is an comfortable vibe where it is easy to be open with fellow drinkers while savouring the class of the venue. Easy-listening soundtrack of the big pop hits, from the 80s to today, gets the crowd sing along. A perfect place to enjoy a wide range of cocktails (at very reasonable prices!).


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