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La Indiana - Night-club in Valencia

Nightlife, bars, clubs, pubs and discos in Centro, Valencia

Thu: less of the other kinds of music, and much more of R&B and funk

Size: large
Dance Floor: large

Music: R&B, Funk, House, Latino, Spanish pop

Crowd: mixed age, trendy, glamorous
Dress: nothing scruffy, shoes important

Sociability: a lot of people having a good time, in places fairly self-conscious

Nightlife, bars, clubs, pubs and discos in Centro, Valencia

location of this pub, bar or club in Valencia Paginas Amarillas
95 San Vicente Martir
South of Centro
Near: Pza Espana

prices of this pub, bar or club in Valencia Fri, Sat: 20€ entry
Thu: 15€ entry
entry includes 1 drink
look for flyers in town - a discount on entry
5€ beer bottle
8€ spirit / mixer

opening times of this pub, bar or club in Valencia Thu, Fri, Sat
midnight - 7am

La Indiana is one of the most legendary Valencian nightclubs, cited in much tourist literature and dominating the mainstream end of Valencian nightlife. La Indiana is the place of glamour, fashion and top-end pop culture. The waitresses look like they are on a catwalk, and the security - like they are Secret Service. The same goes for the public - the whole of beautiful Valencia comes down to be seen. The venue is famous for its state of the art decor, with sharks and other exotic fish swimming in the aquariums. La Indiana is a large, three-floor night-club with three different ambiences. R&B and funk are played on the ground floor, house on the first and Latin / Spanish pop on the top floor, with all the effort to ensure the quality of DJs. La Indiana is a serious establishment with a strict dress code and lots of VIP facilities, often staging fashion events and presentations. It is, therefore, by far not the cheapest place in town. Be aware also that you will queue up outside for quite a long time.


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