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Picadilly - Night-club in Centro de Valencia

Nightlife, bars, clubs, pubs and discos in Centro, Valencia

Wed: Electro House
Thu: student Rock/Pop
Fri, Sat: Electro-House, Funk
Sun: Disco + dress-up

Size: medium
Dance Floor: medium

Music: electro, house, funk, rock

Crowd: alternative, LGB-friendly
Dress: whatever, a lot of people dress up, not many come smart

Sociability: very relaxed, tolerant, mellow, friendly

Nightlife, bars, clubs, pubs and discos in Centro, Valencia

location of this pub, bar or club in Valencia Paginas Amarillas
5 Embajador Vich
Near: Pza de la Reina

prices of this pub, bar or club in Valencia 12€ entry (1 drink)
free before 2.30am
5€ beer bottle
8€ spirit / mixer

opening times of this pub, bar or club in Valencia Wed-Sat 0.30-7.30
Sun 21.00 - 5.00

Picadilly, on hand with Mogambo (by the same owners) is a late night arm of Carmen that gets the crowds after 4am. Moreover - it is one of the most active nightclubs in Valencia, going 5 days a week. It is fairly small but deliciously cosy, with an interior that feels like diving in velvet. There are also lots of hidden corners and narow passageways that create a very personal feel and make it easy to talk and relate to people here. Not only that - the eclectic and cosmopolitan crowd tends to be very easy-going and enjoying themselves without pretence. In addition, this club is known for encouraging freedom of expression - both in what you wear and in your sexuality (very LGB-friendly), especially on Sundays - the famous dress-up night. The DJ sessions are also of quality and variety - from electro to pop (see box above). In terms of music this is a nightclub that is sure to go way off commercial, like the rest of the Groovelives group - Mogambo and Latex. However, the Picadilly music is more easy-going - not as underground as in the other two.


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