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Balansiya - Balansiyan Restaurant in Valencia

Balansyia - a recreation of Medieval Arabic cuisine in XIII century Valencia,

(?) Menu del dia: 7€
Mon-Fri 1.30pm-4 pm
Degustation menu:
20, 25, 30€ - 10-15 dishes
any time of day and week

Cuisine: Moorish Valencian (Arabic Middle Ages)

Range: around 50 dishes

Ambience: Moorish, intimate
Ideal for: cultural experience

Balansyia - a recreation of Medieval Arabic cuisine in XIII century Valencia,

location of this restaurant in Valencia Paginas Amarillas
3 Paseo de Faculdades
Blasco Ibanez
Tel: 96 389 08 24

prices in this restaurant in Valencia 7€ main course
20-30€ 10-15 dishes assortment

opening hours of this restaurant in Valencia every day
1.30 pm - 4 pm
8.30 pm - 11.30 pm


It is a shame that this restaurant is so out of the way, because it is something really special. The Moroccan owner has gone back in time and recreated the recipes of Moorish Valencia, the Medieval Califat of Al-Andaluz. Over 50 dishes are presented in an authentic environment - he has also recreated the ambience, every little thing there is from that period of history, from plates and chairs to ornaments, artesania, mosaic lighting, comfy cushions and medieval moorish music. (Don't judge it by the website though! - looks like one thing the Moors didn't do too well in the Middle Ages is websites) The owner is also passionate about sharing this culture with you - by giving you leaflets and filling his site with essays on the Al-Andaluz civilization. Yet this restaurant is quite cheap and the three varieties of degustation menus are unbelievable - for 20-30€ you get an assortment of 10-15 dishes at the same time. Be aware there is no alcohol. Worth a taxi trip from anywhere - one of the most extraodinary impressions of eating in Valencia.


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