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Tasca Angel - Tapas Bar in Valencia, Spain

Tapas: around 25 tapas, some of which are typical and others - adventurous
Speciality: sardines

Ambience: relaxed, small, down-to-earth tapas bar
Clientele: mainly young, many alternative types.

Tasca Angel - a cosmopolitan Tapas bar in Valencia, Spain. Spanish tapas, legendary sardines

location of this tapas bar in Valencia Paginas Amarillas
1 Purisima
Near: La Lonja

prices in this tapas bar in Valencia 3-4€ per tapa
free bread

opening times of this tapas bar in Valencia everyday
10.30am - 3pm
7.30pm - 11.30pm


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Tasca Angel has been famous for decades and is particularly popular with the more alternative Carmen types. It is a tiny place and doesn't look like much from the outside but the fact that it's bursting at the seams says a lot. Their supreme quality tapas, with a few imaginative choices (kidneys, snails, etc) are known throughout Valencia, yet they remain at a bargain price. The speciality you have to try is their sardines. Alltogether, this place is a legend in Valencia and you would do well to have your tapas experience here - a great combination of quality and price. Try not to come at peak times (2pm, 10pm), as this tiny place gets insanely busy


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