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House of The America's Cup - Museum in Valencia, Spain

House of The America's Cup - Museum in Valencia

This one is for the fans of the America's Cup who want to savour images of the past, or for those who know nothing and would like to get an idea (scroll below to read about America's Cup). The cubic building (Casa de la Copa America) holds four screens which will tell you the whole story from the Cup's origins in 1851 to present day. Outside, in one of the old port pavillions adjacent to the building, you can view models of all of the winners through history and see how the design of the yachts (so crucial in this competition) has changed over time.


Viewing time: 1h 30min

What it is about: history of America's Cup
In Detail: main phases in 155 years of Cup's history, plus a model of every winner yacht.

Presentation: audio-visual historic footage, yacht models

The building: a pavillion constructed for the museum


The Casa de la Copa America will give you an audio-guide (Sp or En) to plug into your ears for watching the historic footage.

House of The America's Cup - Museum in Valencia


At the main entrance to the Port

Mon - Thur
11am-2pm / 4pm-8pm
Fri - Sun
11am-3pm / 4pm-8pm

free entry

Museum Content:



America's Cup

America's Cup is the oldest sports trophey in the world. It is the most prestigious yacht championship. There is a selection process at the end of which one Challenger races the Defender (winner of the previous Cup). The racing takes place in the home country of the Defender.

House of The America's Cup - Museum in ValenciaThis Cup's Defender is Switzerland. Since they don't have a sea, they chose Valencia as the host city. There have been selection races every year since 2003, and the finals are scheduled for the summer of 2007.

The Cup has had much effect on Valencia in the last few years. The government sees it as a chance to develop tourism in the city. All Valencian attractions have taken a complete face-lift, there has been a lot of investment into tourist infrastructure, and much construction for the America's Cup itself.

The America's Cup Port is the most notable of those. A huge complex has been built, both for the competing teams, and as a leisure area for the visitors and residents alike.


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