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House-Museum of Jose Benlliure - Museum in Valencia, Spain
Casa-Museo Jose Benlliure

Jose Benlliure House-Museum (casa-Museo) in Valencia, Spain

The Benlliure were a famous family of artists at the turn of XX century. The most famous was Jose but there was also Peppino, his son, and Mariano, his brother. This house tells their story. The living quarters of early 20th century serve as a history museum. There is also a cosy garden full of great traditional Valencian ceramics. There is a very tasteful video of Jose's career (full of art images of those times) and his studio where he kept his collection of incredible antiques, from weapons to paintings and musical instruments, for inspiration. The atmosphere of the studio is still intact. Two top floors of the house hold his and Peppino's works, although they are not great - leftovers from museums and private collections nationwide. All in all, although Benlliure is not that important to you, this is a very atmospheric, beautifully created and emotional exhibition leading you into the inner world of Benlliure and their sometimes tragic life.

Temporary exhibitions:
One of the halls in the house is permanently reserved for rotating exhibitions of current valencian artists.


Viewing time: 1 hour

What it is about: life and work of the Benlliure family - famous Valencian artists of early 20th century.
In Detail: living quarters, ceramics garden, artist's studio, Jose's life, galleries of artworks.

Presentation: furnished rooms, epoch items, charts, video (20 min in Sp), paintings.

The building: original home of the Benlliure, a typical middle class household of the turn of XX century.


guides are usually for groups (5+) but if you are really really interested they may be flattered enough to show you around. There is no fixed schedule - just subject to availability of a running around art student. Call in advance to be sure.


Paginas Amarillas
23 Blanquerias,
96 391 16 62
Near: IVAM

Tue - Sat
10 am - 2 pm
4.30 pm - 8.30 pm
Sun + Hols: 10am-3pm
Mondays Closed

Municipal Scheme

Museum Content:



The Benlliure

Jose Benlliure was a very prominent Spanish painter in the end of XIX - beginning of XX century. His style is usually referred to as academic classicism. Benlliure was a high profile figure, and as such did many portraits and historic pieces. His most interesting work, however, is the world of the metaphysical and supernatural. Very strong, often dark and frightening scenes. Benlliure spent a lot of time in Italy before coming back and spending the rest of his life in his native Valencia, well-known and respected. His career was not tragic. However, his family life was. Peppino Benlliure, his only son and a fantastic artist with big hopes, died young and thus Jose's bloodline was cut.

It is unfortunate that the museum has only what is left after national galleries and private collectors. You can appreciate his style but not his most interesting compositions. The Museum of Fine Arts has one of Benlliure's large metaphysical pieces in the hall.

Mariano Benlliure, Jose's brother, was a well-known scupltor of his times. He dedicated himself mostly to bull-fighting scenes.


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