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Municipal Price Scheme for Museums and Sights in Valencia

There are only a few privately owned sights and museums in Valencia. Most belong to the municipality. The Tourist Bureaux operates a common price for almost all museums in Valencia:

2€ - normal entry, Monday to Friday

1€ - reduced price, Monday to Friday:
students (card required),
youth (card required),
persons of age (usually 55 years an older, bring ID),
children from 7 to 12 years old,
large families (not sure how large is large, just try it),

Children younger than 7 years old
Everyone on Saturday, Sunday and Holidays (Festivos)
Some places will vary, e.g. no free entry on Saturday, and we will indicate that on the page of the museum.

6€ - Bono, Monday to Friday
The Bono gives you entry into 5 museums. It is only valid for one day. So if you wish to see many museums, you will save 4€ per person. There is no need to buy a Bono on weekends as most entries will be free.


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