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MUVIM - Museum in Valencia, Spain
Museum Valencian of Enlightenment and Modernity


By Enlightenment here they mean the European Age of Enlightenment of XVIII century. The permanent exhibition of MUVIM takes us throgh all the stages, how we came from the medieval rule of religious doctrine, via renaissance and that Enlightenment to today's modernity. It is a museum for thinkers about thinking. Not a convential museum, this is literally a journey. You will be accompanied through endless sections of the tour by actors. You will visit a monastery and hear monks philosophise, you will get inside a universal machine, inside a printing press, look into Gallileo's huge telescope, walk on the streets of revolutionary Paris, be dazzled by the carnage of XX century and even have a 5 min rest in a real XVIII century salon. It is all a huge artistic and technological collage, rather than a collection. The unbelievable installation must be worth millions and yet it is free! More like being inside Willy Wonka's Thought Factory. The only drawback - you have to book in advance (see museum services)

Temporary exhibitions:
They are the visible part of MUVIM (the permanent "Adventure of Thought" is hidden upsatairs) - on various topics referring to the last few centuries.


Viewing time: 1 hour guided tour

What it is about: evolution of thought from Middle Ages to Modernity
In Detail: achievements of thought, medieval doctrine, renaissance breakthrough, 18th century Enlightenment, revolutions and political evolution, scientific progress, complex modernity

Presentation: it is a physical journey through a huge audio-visual installation

The building: of no interest


It's a hassle to have to reserve (by phone - they speak English) but you have to see it to believe it and you will understand why you can't just pop in. It's possible to reserve the same day but better the day before. Tours every 30 min, 4 languages available, you have to turn up 20 min before.


Paginas Amarillas
Guillém de Castro, 8
Near: Pz Ayuntamento

10am - 2pm / 4pm - 8pm
Sun+Hols: 10am-2pm
(temp exhibition keeps on until 8pm)
Mondays closed
2nd half of August - perm exhibition closed for maintenance.

free entry (unbelievable!)

Museum Content:


silent monk, silent salon madamme and silent medic.


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