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The Bus StationBus and Coach Travel to Valencia. Bus Station of Valencia

The bus station is close to the centre, just north of the river.
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The nearest metro station is Turia, yellow line.

Travel Information

Valencia is very well linked to Europe and the rest of Spain by bus. However, getting information can be tricky. The bus services in Spain are not centralised like the national train network, and the market is divided between various bus companies who do not communicate with each other too well. Most of those companies also have braindead web designers who make pretty but totally unusable company sites.

If you are going from Valencia you are advised to just go to the bus station, since it is not too far, or call the phone numbers. Make sure you avoid the lunchtime between 14.00 and 17.00. ALSA, however, does have a good website with reservations and this company will serve most of Spanish destinations.

If you are travelling to Valencia (and not with ALSA) you should go to the local bus station or call the phone numbers. For the international trips, view our list of serving companies below and find their branch in your country.

As a matter of fact, ALSA can answer just about every need of yours, both national and international, they have a million destinations. We don't promote anyone, but they are the only ones who saved the searchers from torture by making a good online browsing experience and generally providing quality customer service. Until everyone else gets themselves in gear, we are happy to send everyone to the ALSA website. By shopping around you may save a few euros but you will then have to spend them on aspirin to get rid of the headache.

National Travel by Bus

For the companies serving Spanish destinations, the web presence is not too bad and you can find info in under 1000 clicks.

Alsa Most of Spain (not Madrid), including around Valencia. Good website. 0034 902 422242
Auto-Res Main carrier for Madrid and via Madrid. Plus Badajoz, Caceres, Merida, Navalmoral de L, Salamanca, Taracon, Trujillo, Way atalaya, Xeraco 0034 902 020052
Jimenez Zaragoza - Calamocha - Gandía - Benidorm - Alicante - Santa Pola - Torrevieja - Murcia - Cartagena - La Manga 0034 96 340 7571
BilmanBus Santander - Bilbao - Vitoria - Logrono - Irun - San Sebastian - Tolosa - Pamplona -Tudela 0034 96 347 8989
Samar Alcala de Henares - Alcolea del Pinar - Guadalajara - Jerica - Maranchon - Molina de Aragon - Monreal del Campo - Rubielos Cruce - Segorbe - Teruel - Viver 0034 96 349 5609
Hife Many Spanish destinations, both major and local. 0034 96 349 2310
Bunyol Local destinations around Valencia 0034 96 349 1425
Herca Local destinations around Valencia, especially to the beaches. 0034 96 349 1250
Alsina Ciudad Real - Toledo - Aranjuez - Ocaña - La Roda - Villamalea -Tomelloso - Mira - Quintanar de la Orden - Alcázar - Cañete - Camporrobles - Cuenca 0034 96 349 7230

The City Council of Valencia also has a webpage with a list of destinations and the links to the bus companies which operate them, where you can check timetables and prices.

International Travel by Bus

Valencia also has plenty of bus links with Europe - Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, UK, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Czech Republic. Particularly well linked is France, with many destinations covered. Eastern Europe is also very available - Poland, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania. You could also easily catch a bus to Morocco.

However, this is where the websites get very bad and you need to follow the advice above.

Alsa Bulgaria, Czech, France, Germany, Italy, Morocco, Poland , Portugal, Romania, Switzerland, Ukraine. Great website. 0034 902 422242
StarBus Andorra, France, Luxemburgh, Belgium, Holland 0034 96 349 6767
EuroLines Andorra, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Poland, Czech, Italy, Morocco, Portugal, Switzerland, Romania, Bulgaria 0034 96 349 6855
LineBus France, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Morocco 0034 96 340 1979
Atlassib Romania  
Filadelfia Romania  
SaizTour Romania  
LuckyTour Romania  
Vakancia Bulgaria  
UnionIvkoni Bulgaria  
Yubim Bulgaria  
Ovanesovi Bulgaria  




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